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About Us

B-square Lab is a cutting-edge Web3.0 company, pioneering in blockchain technology that guarantees the authenticity and ownership of digital assets. Beyond developing and delivering blockchain-based origin proof platforms like NFTCamera, we extend to solutions for digital asset wallets, DID (Decentralized Identity), and security token offerings (STO) technologies.

Excellence of Technology

All of our engineers have 20+ years of IT experiences, including experiences in core blockchain technology development.

We provide full support

We help you with not only technologies but also support your business needs so you can successfully operate a blockchain business.

A complete blockchain platform

Our focus is on the business and value of blockchain. We are proud to have our platform reflect such values.


B-square Lab provides bespoke services, from blockchain design to operations, tailored to our clients' needs. Our Blockchain as a Service slashes the cost and time for blockchain development, aiding in rapidly establishing a robust blockchain system.


  • Context Capture: NFTCamera captures and records the proof of authenticity onto the blockchain at the moment of digital origin data creation.

  • Integrity Assurance: This patent-pending approach ensures the original image's integrity, providing an efficient method for authenticity verification.

  • Origin-Proof: NFTCamera offers a superior way of verifying the uniqueness and ownership of a digital asset, empowering individuals and certification bodies to combat forgery.

DID Digital Asset Wallet

  • User-Friendly Interface: B-square Lab offers a user-friendly digital wallet solution that enables efficient asset management.

  • Robust Security: Our wallet is fortified with top-notch security features, ensuring the safe storage and management of digital assets.

  • DID Functionality: Our wallet's DID functionality facilitates secure, transparent, and trustworthy transactions, enhancing user confidence.

Digital Halal Certification

  • Blockchain Verification: B-square Lab's solution leverages blockchain technology for verifying the authenticity and integrity of Halal-certified products.

  • Real-Time Status: Our Digital Halal Certification solution provides real-time verification of a product's Halal status, adding a layer of trust and convenience for consumers.

  • Enhanced Transparency: Through blockchain technology, we ensure full transparency in the Halal certification process, reinforcing consumer confidence.

  • Compliance Upholding: We aim to uphold the highest Halal compliance standards, catering to the growing demand for trustworthy Halal-certified products.


Blockchain Integration

B-square Lab offers professional services to embed blockchain technology into corporate ecosystems,
enhancing operational efficiency, amplifying transaction transparency, and bolstering data security.

Blockchain-based Climate Change Management System

B-square Lab supports clients in building a robust blockchain system that enhances corporate value
through a transparent and verifiable framework. We provide comprehensive solutions for climate action,
fostering transparency and trust.

Digital Transformation

B-square Lab propels clients' digital transformation by delivering tailored and efficient digital solutions.
We enable clients to optimize business processes, enrich customer experiences, and bolster their digital marketing strategies.